Green Room Counselling offers a safe and confidential space to explore your issues

... for individuals and couples

Myths about counselling

There is a myth that attending counselling is a sign of weakness, or that you are 'crazy' or 'mentally unwell.'

Not everyone who comes to counselling has mental health difficulties. Whilst many are in emotional distress, there are many others who simply feel they need to talk to someone and need a safe place to explore thier feelings.


Asking for help, and exploring your feelings and emotions with a view to leading a more positive life is sign of courage, not weakness.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling offers one to one counselling on a once weekly basis. These are regular sessions which last 50 minutes. The counselling may last a few weeks, or considerably longer. Click here to learn more about the counselling experience.

Couples Counselling

Relationships often have their ups and downs. When a relationship is facing real difficulties, however, it is helpful to seek outside guidance. I can help with any relationship issue small or large. This includes lack of communication, issues of trust, jealousy, grief and intimacy. It can apply to those who are separating, and those seeking a healthier relationship.

Time-Limited Therapy

It is not possible for everyone to commit to open ended therapy. This may be because of financial circumstances, work, a legal case or other restraints. Students coming home from university often find time-limited therapy very helpful. At Green Room Counselling you can discuss with your counsellor a determined set of sessions that you agree on from the outset. As you begin counselling, your progress, and your thoughts and feelings about the work, can be considered and reviewed at any time.


The fees for counselling are subject to yearly review.
Currently the fees are:

Fees can be negotiated under exceptional circumstances.

Invoices will be produced at the end of every month, and payment is accepted in cash, via online banking, or by cheque at the following session.
Whilst every effort is made to rearrange appointments in the event of a client’s ill-health or unforeseen circumstance, this is not always possible. All missed appointments are payable at the usual fee.


Counselling sessions take place in a quiet, warm, peaceful room based in Cheltenham.

Disabled access

Please note that my Cheltenham venue has some shallow steps leading to the room.